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Continuing Education Course Policies

Refund Policy

Payment for professional development courses is due via credit card at time of registration unless otherwise arranged with the student, employer or company. Refund policies may vary by course offering and are not permitted after a continuing education course has been accessed. Questions regarding refunds should be directed to the institute/area under which the course is housed. Refunds will be processed by default to the credit card used to purchase the course.

Cancellation Policy

Wilmington University reserves the right to cancel professional development courses. Registered students will be notified by the designated contact person within the institute/area under which their course is housed. Students who have already paid will receive a full refund if their course is cancelled.

Retaking a Course

In most cases, students are permitted to retake a course; however, the student must once again pay the full cost of the course. In some instances, courses may not be able to be retaken. Students should check with any agencies, corporations or organizations that may be providing tuition benefits regarding eligibility prior to retaking a course.

Academic Integrity Policy

To ensure the honesty and fairness of the intellectual environment at Wilmington University, Professional and Continuing Education students are expected to pursue learning with integrity, dignity, and responsibility towards others. Professional and Continuing Education students agree that any work submitted is their own. For Professional and Continuing Education courses, academic integrity issues will be handled by the appropriate institute/offering area. The area will determine the person in their area who is responsible for handing issues of academic integrity. For more information about academic integrity, visit:

Faculty and Course Feedback

Feedback about faculty or any concerns should be sent in a timely manner to the appropriate designated contact person within the institute/area under which the student's course is housed (within two weeks of the end of the PCE course, if course related). Feedback/comments/complaints will be reviewed within two weeks and a written response will be sent to the student via email.