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Trauma-Informed Approach Workshop Series

June 25 – 27, 2024
9:00 – 10:30 a.m. EST


Dr. Debra Berke
Wilmington University
Director, Psychology/Organizational Dynamics Programs
Director, Center for Prevention Science

Join us for all three workshops for just $200.
Register here for the entire workshop series or select individual workshops below.

Workshop Details:

Tues., June 25: “An Overview of a Trauma-Informed Approach”
Participants will be provided with the framework for trauma-informed practices that can be used to identify trauma and toxic stress in themselves and in others who may need support. Increase your understanding of the types of experiences that can cause distress and learn ways to develop personal resilience and offer trauma-informed care to others.

$75 per person
Register here for "An Overview of a Trauma-Informed Approach"

Wed., June 26: “Trauma-Informed Leadership”
Participants will learn to recognize behaviors that might be the result of trauma or stress and appropriately respond as managers and leaders. Learn about concepts such as vicarious trauma, re-traumatization and compassion fatigue with an eye on self-care as you create a protective and trusting workplace environment.

$75 per person
Register here for "Trauma-Informed Leadership"

Thurs., June 27: “Assessing Resilience in Trauma-Informed Organizations”
Participants will explore ways of defining and/or being a trauma-informed, resilient organization and the tools that currently exist to assess and measure these concepts. Engage in conversation about this topic and share experiences and resources so that we can advance the work of creating, maintaining, and assessing trauma-informed, resilient organizations around the globe.

$75 per person
Register here for "Assessing Resilience in Trauma-Informed Organizations"

For group rates or for more information, please call Professional and Continuing Education at 302-356-2455 or email